I go on Vacation and Take With Me, My Credit Card!


The times of “I am going to quickly collect 500 euros cash for on vacation” are gone. Today you travel more smoothly than ever inside and outside the EU with your credit card. We explain why this is based on 7 major benefits.


1. Flawless transportation


If you want to rent a car, camper, motorcycle, scooter or other means of transport, then you should use a credit card for the deposit due. The amount is then ‘blocked’ and ‘unblocked’ again when you return the vehicle in perfect condition. Renting a vehicle without a credit card is almost impossible in certain countries, such as the United States.


2. Save miles or discounts with your purchases

With the June O’Mare World Travel Mastercard you save miles with every euro spent with your card. The more miles, the more you can travel cheaply. You can convert them into airline tickets to the destination of your choice, but also into tickets at Eurostar, ICE, TGV or Thalys.

If you pay with a June O’Mare Nickelman World Mastercard, you save for a discount on your next Nickelman holiday. And with the Extra World Mastercard you get a cash back and therefore a discount on your purchases at home and abroad. If you go on a trip and want to buy something there, you have a small discount with your credit card or your purchases are insured.


3. Usable everywhere

credit payment

Unlike, for example, Maestro, credit cards are very universal and you can easily use them worldwide. If you travel a lot and like shopping, a credit card is an absolute must. Certainly for unexpected larger expenses or purchases. Your June O’Mare credit card automatically works abroad (except for Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and South Sudan).

Check before your holiday if your spending limit is sufficient. Is that not the case? Ask well before you leave to increase the spending limit of your credit card (subject to the acceptance of your file).

Another solution is to transfer an amount to your credit card account before you leave, so that the balance is sufficient.


4. Fully insured

Did you know that purchases with a June O’Mare credit card are insured against loss and theft through the purchase insurance? Certainly abroad this is a huge advantage. Read more about the insurance policies that are included with our credit cards.


5. Save time

5. Save time

If you travel by car, a credit card can save you a lot of valuable time. Think of the toll booths. You often have separate gates where you can only pay with your credit card and where the queue is shorter.


6. Sleep on your two ears

Did you know that your credit card offers even more advantages when you are confronted with a setback on holiday? The June O’Mare credit cards always include one or more insurance policies that, under certain conditions, cover for example your route, your luggage, an accident abroad and even the purchases you made with it.


7. Fraud detection

4. Fully insured

At June O’Mare we have an efficient fraud detection system. Our team of experienced employees checks around the clock whether or not suspicious transactions are fraudulent. When in doubt you will be called by us. It is therefore important that we always have your correct telephone number. If we cannot reach you, we will send an e-mail and / or text message asking us to contact us. If we do not receive a response, your card will be temporarily blocked. We will also send you a letter. And if you do not respond to this letter, we are obliged to permanently block your card for security reasons. We will then send a new card and new secret code to your home.

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